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#69 I have been hiding a secret.

Posted by JamieLee on 06 March 2014 - 03:22 AM

First off, it is march 5th.... How r u? That is my most important question.

After that, I true lay see how much of a Naumann you are. Some things forth coming and chatty about and some things very private until your ready in your own time to tell.

Very proud of you for going back to school, secrets be damned I have been inquiring at work about the same. Figure that business management degree isn't going to make itself! You have a ton on your plate, don't forget to hug your children, kiss your wife and look at the sunset.

Bless your family for taking in Vets. Although they don't have forever with you, what time they have YOUR FAMILY has made precious and wonderful for them.

Your health, please take care Larry, you and all your family are my family. I miss you guys terribly. Make sure you do what the doctors say!
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#50 Dem's raise spending cap, Rep's do nothing

Posted by Elderban on 12 February 2014 - 12:53 AM

The GOP-controlled House has backed away from a battle over the government's debt cap and passed a measure extending Treasury's borrowing authority with overwhelming support from President Barack Obama's Democratic allies.


Source: www.newser.com/article/bb74f32a7f6649299e5389cd9c358eb5/house-passes-legislation-to-raise-borrowing-cap-as-republicans-drop-push-for-concessions.html


Wow...so, the Republicans are going to sit back and do nothing, meanwhile the dollar is going to lose more value.


This proves a few things:


1. The Republicans aren't any different.


2. They know they'll have to raise it again as well if they win in 2016, and that...


3. Not raising the debt cieling would tank the economy. But then again, so will raising it, it will just take a little bit longer though.


I guess Boehner has gone soft... (sorry, had to say it...)  :lol:

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#300 Something happened on my way home from school

Posted by Hamp on 18 May 2018 - 12:11 AM

I had a short debate with myself, debating if I should make this post at all, and if so how I was going to tell this little tale. I have a number of perspectives by which I could tell this tale, that is the curse one has when one views a situation from as many perspectives as you can in order to get a better understanding of what is really going on. I have made my decision, I am going to tell the tale, and I have chosen the perspective by which I am going to relay the story to you. Those who know me from my website The Rant Page, will know I am very political, and I will have some politics in this story, but it also may surprise you how that is going to be done. This is a true story, one that happened today. Do not read to the end of this paragraph **Spoiler Alert** I do not know how this story ends.


This story has a few players that need some introduction, I will introduce them to you as they appear in this tale. I will be using some descriptions that I have been told can be found as offensive, I do not care, these are my descriptions and I stand by them. I also will not be using any names other than my own, for only one exception, I do not know the names of any of the other people involved, and the one other I do know I will not mention to protect his identity.


I had an Adult Health Simulation today at school. On any other simulation day, we are required to wear scrubs to Lab, but as this is the first Lab Sim of this semester we were required to wear our full Clinical scrubs, which are ceil blue pants with a white scrub top complete with school logo and badge. As I had just left the school my stethoscope was still around my neck, honestly, I often forget it is there.


 I left the parking lot and was making my turn onto one of the main roads out of the area when I noticed a large black man in what looked like throw away scrubs, standing in front of a large delivery vehicle, think very large Ryder truck. He looked to be very upset and was yelling as I turned right next to him onto the street. Looking now in my rear-view mirror I noticed he was not moving and was in fact blocking the truck, which was backing up traffic behind him. I found a safe place to pull over and got out of my car to see if there was anything I could do to help this man.


Walking back to the intersection I got a better look at him, he looked as if he had pulled out an IV as the tape that would hold such a device was still on his hand and he also had no shoes or socks on, it was in the mid-80s today and it was just before 1 p.m. and he was standing on a blacktop street. The hospital that we were next too has a Psych ward and yes I assumed this man was or is a Psych patient, but my main concern was to see if I could get the man out of the street before he gets hurt.


I called out to him, asking him to come talk with me, over in the shade on the sidewalk, mentioning his feet must be getting burned in the heat. He stared at me, but when a woman now standing next to me took up my cue and said the same thing, he yelled at her. I saw he had a bag of belongings in the middle of the street that was almost getting hit by cars trying to maneuver their way around the truck, and the man blocking it. At this point I left the sidewalk, walked to the middle of the street and picked up the bag, looking at the man saying ‘I am just going to move this out of the street so it does not get run over’ and then finished by walking behind the truck, up the sidewalk so he could see me and his belongings, and placed the bag off the side of the sidewalk. At this point I noticed that there was Hospital Security standing there.


One of the security personnel, politely asked the man to come over to the sidewalk, pointing to the belongings, to which he was yelled at by the way of a reply. I was thinking that security was here I might as well leave as there is nothing I can do that cay are not better equipped to do, but seeing the man was more upset with security, they backed away, almost a half block! I guess they did not want to make matters worse.


Another black man came up behind me and yelled out to the guy in the street calling him by name, telling me he went to school with the guy many years ago. The man in the street yelled at him as well. I felt helpless, yet I did not leave, I still wanted to help, there was also a number of people coming out of various medical office buildings to see what was going on, which only seemed to agitate the man as he started yelling at people now all around him, at a distance. In frustration, I assume, he looks directly at me, his eyes pleading and yells ‘Doctor, it is all their fault, they through me out and did not even give me a bus ticket’. It hit me, I am an older guy in a clinical uniform with a stethoscope around my neck, of course I am a doctor! I yelled back saying, ‘Lets take care of that, why don’t we stand in the shade and talk about it.’  The black man wearing a uniform from a famous water conditioning firm asked me if I was a doctor, I said ‘No, but….” He finished, ‘Don’t tell him that’ as he pointed to him. He was walking across the street for the shade of a tree.


Now for the reason for me telling this story, I am an angry white man who is fed up with the stupidity, greed and selfishness of my fellow humans. From self-righteous of farts to intitled millennials I have often said we as a race, not black or white but rather humans, are headed to hell in a handbasket.


As this troubled man black man walked to shade, those standing there gave him room, not because they were scared of what he might do, but rather as to not upset him further. As his former classmate and I crossed the street to see what we might do I noticed that a few of the white females offered him some water, not taking it they left it on the ground telling him it was there if he wanted, another white female placed a Gatorade next to the water, both backing up to give him room to take the offering.


The man took one of the sports drinks, mentioned that he just needed some money to get on the bus, I did not have my wallet on me, but I saw hands dive into pockets and in mere minutes the guy must have had twenty or more dollars in his hands. One guy came up taking off his shoes saying if he was going to get on a bus he needed shoes. The man looked at the shoes and said, “Man, I can’t take your shoes!” and he repeated it a few times, not angry, not upset almost as if he were in shock that a well-dressed young white man would take off his own shoes to give to him. He walked off a bit, a police man arrived took some simple statements from those standing around and went off to talk to him. I went to my car and left, amazed at what I had just witnessed.


These people who gathered around wanted nothing more that to help a man who was in obvious distress. They were not there to make judgments, poke fun, get mad or otherwise make the man’s pain a spectacle. Politically I am a conservative, some think that means I do not care about others, conservatives know better, liberals do not have a monopoly on caring. I have a personal belief, I believe I have an obligation to my fellow man, even if it is just trying to get him out of the street. I do not believe that the government should tell me how to care or what percent of my paycheck needs to go to help others. That is totally up to me, in my belief.


I do not know those who helped this man, I know many offered water and Gatorade, a woman also came out with a pair of sneakers, so two people offered shoes, the woman also had socks. I believe in their own way Hospital security helped by calling the police and backing off after noticing they were making him madder. Money appeared out of thin air at the mere mention of buying a bus ticket, and one man even produced a bus pass.


In this world of people hating others for the sake of hate, I saw many people from all walks of life and I assume political backgrounds come together for one simple cause, the safety of one man. There is hope for us after all.

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#222 HealthCare cost changes since ObamaCare inforced

Posted by auborn40 on 14 June 2015 - 03:28 AM

Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP's) have become the norm with employers thoughout the U.S..  These plans are supposed to make the consumer more dilgent and pro-active with personal healthcare.  CDHP's have a higher deductible for individuals and families, along with a higher out-of-pocket expense for any physician visits, or necessary care needs that you may have outside of routine wellness visits. 

Working in the medical field, some people believe that medical professionals have outstanding medical insurance.  I am here to say, that is not true.  Cost of insurance has risen, co-pays are no longer provided until deductible is met (we are paying full price for prescriptions, procedures, etc.), and I no longer have the option to save my money myself for medical costs. 

It is unfortunate that our government has given such open-ended control of our healthcare to the insurance companies.  These are the same companies that many people have had to fight to get their health care paid for when deemed necessary by physicians.  When did the insurance companies become more qualified to diagnose and treat patients than physicians?  Why would we as consumers give that much control over our health to a money making organization? 

Understanding that the underlying benefit to this type of health care plan is that (hopefully) individuals will become more involved and compliant with their own health care.  Is this really what we are going to see as a result?  I personally believe that we are going to see more hospitalizations from non-compliant patients that become frustrated with the system and stop taking their medications.  The mentally ill patients that will not be able to afford their medication deductibles, the diabetics that will not have access to necessary supplies, the senior citizen that decides to eat and pay his electric bill instead of buying his heart medications, and heaven help us, the young, inexperienced mothers that feel that they have nowhere to go for help. 

I agree that something needs to change in our healthcare system, but is this really the right change?  Passing over complete authority to insurance companies is not the answer, and until they bring in a qualified group of medical personnel that can intelligently make these decisions, looking at all aspects of care, not just the dollar signs, this problem will only fester into something even larger. 

We are being asked to verify that we have had health insurance for the entire year when we file our taxes.  Those who report no are being penalized and a portion of their tax return is being kept by the government.  Here is my question, Who is getting that money that they are keeping from tax returns?  It is not going to pay any outstanding medical expenses.  It is not getting those people medical coverage.  So who exactly is benefitting from this "penalty" money?  And the most important question is.... Why do individuals who have State benefits (Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc.) qualify for better, less costly, and far easier access health care than those of us who pay a majority of their income toward health care?  This is my quandry.

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#186 Robin Williams gone at 63

Posted by MzSnowleopard on 12 August 2014 - 12:55 AM

Robin Williams Dead at 63; Oscar Winner and Comedy Legend Found Dead at Home, Sheriff's Coroner Division Suspects Suicide. Williams was pronounced dead at 12:02 p.m.
E Online broke the news- Article Link


I give kudos to anyone dealing with overcoming addictions but I have to ask- while they talk about him coping with severe depression- what was he doing for it? As a long time sufferer of chronic depression I can tell you that it's one thing to cope but something entirely different to deal with it and the source behind it.

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#184 My Works Online

Posted by MzSnowleopard on 07 August 2014 - 03:30 AM

I finally got brave and started to put my writings online. The site I found is highly credible. I recommend it for anyone interested in writing. The site is writing.com and my portfolio is at http://Writing.Com/a...s/mzsnowleopard

At the moment, I have 6 pieces up, the results of my work with Long Ridge Writers Group. There are 12 lessons in the program, currently I'm on # 7, so there is more to come.


So far, the most popular are Choices and The Future's Fathers


Choices is about a teenage girl who discovers that she's pregnant and the choices she has head of her.


The Future's fathers is a comparative article on Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. I also included mentions of those who have been influenced by them, over the years.


Lesson # 7 with LRWG is to revise a previous piece. I chose Choices for this. I will upload the revision once I've updated the piece after receiving my instructor's critique.


Reviews and especially reactions are welcomed and appreciated.

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#183 Snow Leopard Cub Season

Posted by MzSnowleopard on 29 July 2014 - 03:07 PM

Sadly, I haven't been seeing many images for snow leopard cubs this year. I'm certain that they're out there, I'm just not seeing the,. That said, I did find this one on my FB wall this morning. The image was taken by Kevin Milner.



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#312 This is what bugs me

Posted by Shehatesme22 on 19 November 2018 - 09:38 PM



This is a good friend of mine, If this doesn't get your blood boiling i don't think anything will.

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#311 Idiots, all of them!

Posted by Hamp on 25 June 2018 - 10:46 PM

I have to shake my head sometimes at what I see, hear and at what some people do.


Sarah Sanders was asked by the owner of an establishment to leave, to which she and her party left quietly and without comment. This is a fact that is not up for debate or dispute. Now in my opinion, and remember my opinion is more valid than most people’s facts, but it is still just my opinion, her actions showed a good measure of class and dignity. It was not until a viral post by one of the employees at said restaurant did she even acknowledge that the event took place. Again, class. I do not care what you think of Sarah, or her boss Trump, she handled herself in a classy way, if you disagree then you just might want to take a good hard look at yourself to see what might be wrong.


Here is where I shake my head, conservatives, Trump supporters and republicans have all taken to social media to yell, scream, holler and throw a tantrum, basically acting like progressive democrats. They have called the restaurant in question, yelled at the owner, I even read that another unaffiliated establishment in Connecticut has had similar action taken against them. This is not cool, nor is it classy people, I understand your frustration, but rise above it, grow up and stop acting like those progressives like Maxine Waters, who have come out and called for an all out war on conservatives.


Oh, I do have to make a comment on the coward Waters. Here is an elected official from California, which tells you a lot about the people in her district, that has actually called for open harassment of duly elected/appointed government officials by saying “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” I wish for one second that if someone gets hurt, she is arrested for inciting a riot and imprisoned. Hell you know it is bad when even Nancy Pelosi denounces the comment.


So here is my take on the whole thing, Sarah was classy. The owner of the establishment was within her right to refuse service. People have the right to be upset at the double standard from the left. (Think Colorado Gay Cake) People do not have the right to act like progressive democrats (Except progressive democrats, who I hope continue acting like this to show the rest of the world just how stupid they really are) and Maxine Waters is a total fool and idiot.

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#306 Firecrackers

Posted by Elderban on 01 June 2018 - 02:58 AM

If you light a firecracker, how long does it take for it to explode?


About 14 billion years.

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#304 Word Autosave

Posted by Hamp on 21 May 2018 - 01:52 PM

LOL I know I rant on some of the stupidest things!

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#302 Word Autosave

Posted by Bookie61 on 18 May 2018 - 03:45 PM

Well, for someone like me, auto save is a wonderful thing, as I get dragged off in the middle of virtually everything I' am doing, as I am fond of saying, my interruptions are only interrupted by more interruptions.  The result, is that I may be in the middle of something, and not remember to hit the save button.


That being said, I am a strong supporter of the right of choice.  At least let opinionated people like Hamp turn the blessed feature off, so we all don't have to hear about it!  :P

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#299 Trained Monkeys

Posted by Hamp on 06 May 2018 - 05:00 PM

People, and when I say people I mean (in this case) my youngest daughter, ask me why I refer to all entertainers as trained monkeys. The answer is simple, in today’s snowflake filled, pansy assed, gelding society most people could not handle what I really want to call all entertainers, which is something like empty headed, good for nothing, weak minded, empty vessel, holier than thou, do as I say not as I do, I am better than you, whores. They will do whatever is told of them to do by whoever pays them to do it. Now with that said there are some exceptions to that rule, but for the most part if you put your money on what I just said you will come out a winner more often that you will lose.


For example, Bill Cosby, America’s Dad – Guilty of Criminal Sexual Conduct was kicked out of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Good on you Academy, but you are still a bunch of hypercritical asses. On the same day you Kicked out Mr. Jell-O, you also kicked out Roman Polanski, a child rapist whom you defended, heaped praises on and even awarded the rapist with an Oscar in 2003 for Best Director in the Pianist. So answer me this you hypocrites, why did it take you 41 years to kick out the pedophile?

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#248 The end of the NFL

Posted by Hamp on 08 October 2017 - 09:12 PM

The end of the NFL

I started to think about this issue a few weeks ago and even posted my initial thoughts about it a week or so ago. I still have not had any NFL games on in my home, I could not tell you the record of the Miami Dolphins, I really just do not care.  That got me thinking, are the protests against the National Anthem really the cause of my distain of the NFL? I am beginning to think that while the current protests were the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back it is in fact not the main catalyst. I think that I have been looking for ‘the’ excuse to turn the NFL off for a while and this current fiasco was just the excuse I have been looking for.

What do you think of when I mention the name……Michael Vick? How about Ray Rice? Oh how about Aaron Hernandez? Did you cringe? Lets look at a few numbers, From October 2016-today 7 players have been arrested for DUI, 6 for assault, 6 for drugs, 4 for domestic violence and 3 for disorderly conduct. As of October 8th it has been 13 days without an arrest in the NFL, the record is 65 days and the average is 7. The 2017 season was a good season as arrests go with only 33 arrests, 2006 had 71!

When you look back most of these players payed a fraction of what you or I would have in fines or jail time. Yet they want to be held up as role models or someone to be idolized, I think not. Yeah I think I have been looking for a reason to walk away for a while, I am not sure I am ever coming back…..

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#239 I'm done with the NFL

Posted by Hamp on 25 September 2017 - 05:14 PM

Most people who know me can cite a few facts about me, one of them being that I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins. I became a fan of the Dolphins in 1972 having just moved to Florida and just old enough to understand what football was. My parents are football fans, and later so are/were my three younger brothers, each of us picking a different favorite team, with the exception of my mother and my brother Lance who both liked the Cowboys. The 72/73 Dolphins won the Superbowl and that sealed a lifelong love of the Dolphins for me, or so I thought.
My Facebook feed had both the NFL and my beloved Dolphins on it for many years, as of Sept 25th that is no longer the case. This year I have not watched one game of the NFL, My Christmas list has no Dolphin gear on it, I do not look for the scores of any games nor do I care about the NFL in the least. The NFL may be forever dead to me. I say ‘may be’ because I believe that everyone and everything has a right to redeem themselves, I do not believe in my heart of hearts that the NFL will, but I will always give them the chance to do so.
Yes, this is about the players taking a knee during our National Anthem, see I love my country, our veterans, our first responders and the people of the USA much more than I do the NFL and even my beloved Dolphins. I fully support the rights of individuals and groups to protest any injustice, real or imagined, in any manner they see fit. No you did not read that wrong, any injustice, any manner and they have my full support. I have said this before a long time ago on The Rant Page, when I said “I would stand up next to a member of the Ku Klux Klan and defend their right to be a racist piece of garbage, even if it meant my life.”
Most people somehow miss something in what I said though, so I am going to explain it. See I did not, repeat, DID NOT, say I supported the individual, group or racist piece of garbage. What I said was that I support the RIGHTS of the aforementioned. That is the elephant in the room that nobody speaks of. Nothing I have said is hypocritical, I am true to myself and have not created any double standard. I can defend your right to do something and I can despise what you do at the same time.
Since I can do both defend and despise you at the same time I can also show my displeasure in any manner I see fit. I can cut off my nose to spite my face, I can hurt others by my action or inaction. My brother Lance said something in a post that shows this concept really well. “I will no longer join others at a favorite sports bar, so they will be losing out on my money. I wont be doing fantasy football, going to games or donating to NFL based charities.” (Lance Nauman) I can add a few more things to this list, like the fact that TV stations who paid millions to broadcast the games will have fewer viewers so advertisers will spend less to advertise during the games. With the NFL rating dropping to unheard of lows, how long will it be before networks will demand a renegotiation of their deals?
If you are a died in the wool NFL fan I support you and your right, just because I am done with the NFL does not mean you need to be done with them as well. However, I will no longer discuss plays, scores, events that surround the NFL with you, I have no interest. I will just tell or remind you that I have no interest in the NFL and be on my way.

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#237 Hello

Posted by Ron on 08 January 2017 - 05:36 PM

Names.. Ron, was here many..... Many years ago Ankharan/RonE. Got sick of FB and came looking. Cheers!
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#233 2016 deaths

Posted by JamieLee on 28 May 2016 - 08:10 PM

So many artists are on my bucket list are falling off and it hurts my heart. I am a fan of Prince, but more so of how he lived his life. His love for music and writing for other artists was amazing. He kicked Kim Kardashian off the stage once... I will love him forever for that alone!
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#232 2016 deaths

Posted by Hamp on 26 April 2016 - 05:18 PM

I have never been one to gush over entertainers, or those I like to call 'Highly Paid Trained Monkeys' However I have in the past tipped my hat to a very select few entertainers I thought worthy of note, two such people I have nodded too in the past are Bob Hope and George Burns. Today I will drop a mother load and they all have one small thing in common, they all died this year, 2016.


I will start with the tipping point, the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. I was not that big of a fan of the artist known as, formally known as and reknown as Prince however I do not need to be a fan to know that this man was filled with talent and shared that talent with other artists as well as the rest of us.  Music lost a lot of people this year, many I was a fan of such as Glen Frey, Keith Emerson  and David Bowie, also lost this year.  Rock stars were not the only ones lost this year country music superstar Merle Haggard, comedian Gary Shandling, producer (Beatles) George Martin, Classy First Lady Nancy Reagan, Author Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird), Earth Wind and Fire frontman Maurice White, Grizzly Adams' Dan Haggerty, and my youngest daughter's favorite good-guy/villian Alan Rickman (Prof. Snape).


It must be noted this is just a very short list of those we lost, many more have past this year but the ones above had more impact than others on me personally. There is however one more person that past away this year that I would like to mention, and I feel he diserves to be set apart from all the rest. He was once quoted as saying "Clinton's a schmuck." Oh Sorry that was not the quote I was looking for (Yes he did say that as well) Ok here it is "I'm not dead yet, you pinhead!" during a David Letterman skit. The man I am speaking of is of course Abe Vigoda. He had a great sense of humor about his appearing to be older than he was and is quite possibly the man who has most wrongly been proclaimed dead. At one time the web browser has an app that did nothing more than report the living/dead status of Abe. There was also a website that did the very same thing, however we did lose him in January of this year.


Also I want to point out as of this writing it is only April of 2016, if you are a famous Rock Star or Actor and are not feeling well, get to your Doctor right away!

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#228 Found My Way Back

Posted by MzSnowleopard on 03 November 2015 - 11:47 PM

With most of my connections now through Facebook, it's easy to lose track of the forums. I'm working on getting back with each one. I just need to get around to doing it. Told a friend about this site, and as I type this I realized, I don't know if this site if smart phone compatible. It's the only thin he has to access the net, right now. 


Anyway, as the title says, I found my way back.

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#227 Celebrating

Posted by Michael on 11 August 2015 - 06:26 PM

...it looks like the NFL is going to tighten up the rules against end-zone celebrating after touch downs.


As far as I'm concerned the can outlaw any celebrating. It is stupid and painful to watch grown men act like children because the accomplish something that they are paid to do.

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