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The Rant Page Relaunch

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Posted 10 September 2019 - 11:50 PM

It is getting close to the 2020 political season; I hope to revive the Rant Page for the upcoming elections. As always, the rules of the Rant page will remain the same, civil debate, even heated, is encouraged, yet respect for the views of others will be necessary to maintain the civil debate. Those breaking the rules will be dismissed from further posting on the Rant Page.


I will make a qualifier as I  expect most of you will not be old ranters, but rather newer ones and as such will need an introduction to who I am, what I believe in and what I expect from you. For that to happen I am going to give you all a bit of a history lesson about the Rant Page.


I started the Rant Page in May of 2003 as a place to let people unload about anything they desired to rant about with the exception of the topic of abortion, as even I find that topic to polarizing to discuss and keep respect for those who disagree with me. As far as the rules go they are simple and easy to follow they are in another post under rules and guidelines. If I were you I would read that whole thread before posting, else you will find that The Rant Page is a forum unlike any other in a real rude manner.


Okay, so back to the history lesson, at one time the Rant Page was a much larger and influential website than the meek one you see here today, with well over 500 members from over 22 countries we made a real change. I know it is not the one million views that some idiot gets on you Tube, but unlike that idiot the Rant Page was known to effect political change (by making public the actions of a selectman) in a small town in Connecticut, get a internet parasite in huge trouble with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after we pointed out his donations he was collecting for the Children’s hospital of British Columbia was going to his personal Pay Pal Account, yes I am talking about you Eb0la! We also had a hand in getting another Canadian Citizen arrested for attempted murder, Nick I am Talking about you here.


You also need to understand when I say I respect the differing opinions we have on this site I mean it, if you look above you will see I used the word ‘we’ when I was touting the accomplishments of the Rant Page. Because it was not I that made the difference in peoples lives, it is all of us, even if we do not agree on one thing, we normally can agree on some things and work to make the world a better place.


So I will welcome back some of you ranters that have been here from the beginning, and welcome to the new ranters not afraid of voicing your opinion and getting the backlash you may or may not expect. Enjoy, have fun and lets all learn from each other. Also you may notice I often refrer to the Rant Page by name instead of using TRP or some other shortened version, this is done on purpose for search engine optimization reasons. So if you see a phrase or word repeated often in my rants that may be the reason why. I will do this often with the ‘trigger’ words of the day.


For those that do not know me or have not read my rants before, please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of wealth and taste. That last sentence should tell you my age range, I am actually a student nurse going to school in Orlando Florida on a satellite campus in Denver Colorado. I live in Montana. Some of you experienced ranters may know I lived in Colorado for a long time, Wife and I have since moved north to Montana. I am not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican, however I always Vote! I am married to a registered Democrat of the southern manner of thinking. I have three kids one liberal, one middle of the road and one almost right wing nut conservative.


Please consider joining and have fun.

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”
― Emerson


"Everyone is entitled to my opinion."

- L. Naumann

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