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Phase II

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 10:35 PM

Well, it is that time again, see my life gets changed every so often and it has happened yet again. After a huge amount of soul searching my wife and I have decided that it is time to reclaim our lives, our house and set ourselves up for our future goals. My most recent client has moved out and we have decided not to take in any more, instead I will get my CNA certification and then work while going to school to get my RN. I have already signed up and paid for my CNA classes and should finish in November with my clinicals just about the same time I start collage for my RN.

Just a few thoughts on my life for the past few years. In 2010 I quit my job of 10 years to start a new chapter in my life, things did not go as planned and one thing lead to another and I ended up taking care of a mentally disabled lady. A few months later I cared for a young man who was also disabled, I found that I really liked caring for those who needed help, and even though caring for the developmentally disabled was not a good fit for our family I wanted to continue in this line of work. This is what lead to me working with the Veterans Administration and taking in Veterans.

Each of the veterans that I took care of taught me great lessons. My first veteran taught me that I CAN do what I said I was incapable of doing. My second taught me great patients and caring. My third taught me that it is the simple things in life that brings the greatest joy. My fourth and fifth taught me that no matter how hard you try, some people will just never be happy.  What I learned about myself over the past four years surprised me most of all. I can do things I never thought I had the mental ability to do.

Since I had been doing most of the work of CNAs and LPNs and I enjoyed the work Wife suggested that I go ahead and get licensed and that way I might actually get some days off. Since being a Medical Foster Care Provider is a 24/7 job this suggestion was not without its merits.

So now you are all caught up.

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