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Good Feet

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Posted 24 February 2016 - 06:46 PM

Good Feet Store - Colorado

It would seem that the store known as Good Feet went to the P. T. Barnum School of Business, you know the one that states "There is a sucker born every minute." Well I am here to state that I am one such sucker. After all if I am about to rip on a store I must come clean with everything, including myself, however I hope to warn others about this store and some of their employees. Also for full disclosure this little rant is over 13 dollars and some change.


Some months ago, less than a year, I went to good feet to seek relief for my aching and tired feet, I had just entered the medical field and was working 8 hours a day five days a week adding up to  14 to 20 thousand steps each day. I currently work 12 hour shifts in a hospital here in the Denver Metro area with even more steps per day.  After a bit of high pressure sales, but not so much that I could not have walked away if I had thought the orthotics would not have worked, I bought 2 sets of these orthotics for just over 800 dollars, yes cheap plastic/rubber can cost that much. However with this I was told I had a lifetime warrantee with lifetime adjustments included.

After a few months I went in to get them adjusted, they seemed to work for a while but my feet started to get really painful again so I thought an adjustment was needed. I went in and the same salesperson switched out my orthotics for new ones, I was impressed that I was not charged anything, I guess the warrantee worked. So I Purchased a pair of shoes at the store, I know I could have gotten them elsewhere cheaper but I am loyal if nothing else.


Yesterday I went back to have another adjustment made as my hip was hurting while wearing the insert but not when I was not. I entered the store and met the owner, who said she was running to the bank (I bet) and her employee would help me. I told him my problem and he took my inserts to the back, I thought to make an adjustment, when he came back he handed my a package of new ones and told me I had flattened the old ones. That is when he told me I would need to pay the 13 dollars and some change.

Quick thoughts went through my head, all the other times I came into the store my orthotics needed minor adjustment multiple times before they were right, this guy just handed me a package, unopened, and told me to fork over money. This guy also made no measurement of my feet or any other procedure I was accustomed to in this store.


I told him t5hat I had the lifetime warrantee on the orthotics, without mentioning the thoughts that were in my head, to which he informed me that I had no such thing. At this point I got a bit perturbed, see I do not like being lied too.  I told him to look it up in the computer and he said that I had bought a pair of shoes at this store and no other record of any other purchases were found. At this point I was getting a bit upset and while I kept my composure I formulated my attack as another customer walked in. In a calm but firm voice and tone, elevated just enough to make sure the new customer could hear me I told the guy behind the counter I would not be paying for something when I had a "So Called Lifetime Warrantee"  and I did not appreciate his "less than honest" replies to my questions.


At this point I am sure he knew what I was doing as I made no attempts to hide the fact I was trying to run the new customer off by warning them of this stores faulty business practice.  He told me that the 13 dollars and change were for "Shipping and Handling" and that did it for me. See I am not stupid, people do not pay shipping in handling when you walk into a store to pick up a product, that is already in the original price. Nor does a company offer lifetime warranties then charge customers for the product. See I know this because I was a purchasing agent for over 20 years, I have heard and seen every trick in the book and this guy was using the scam on page one. Once called on it this guy should have retreated and 'forgave' the Shipping and handling charge to keep a customer and keep them from doing what I am doing right now. All this idiot did was give me a piece of paper and told me to call customer service and that he was done with me. I smiled and took the paper, nodded to the new customer who smiled and nodded back as I left.

I made the call in the parking lot of the store, left a message as it seems Good Feet in Denver does not hire people to actually answer the phone. The recording said I would get a call back in 24 hours or less if I left my number, which I did twice to make sure they got it. I of course have not received any such call back as of this writing, which is past the 24 hour time limit.


My only conclusion is that Good Feet on 120th avenue in Broomfield has hired new staff that subscribes to the Good Feet Denver and Good Feet Corporate offices of ripping people off, lying to their customers and making every dollar they can to pay for celebrity endorsements like those of Ed McCaffrey.  I for one will not recommend, in fact I will advise against using this company at every opportunity, and those are quite substantial as I work for one of the largest health care in the state of Colorado.  I work every day with CNAs, Nurses, PAs and Doctors all who work on their feet every day, my pleas for my co-workers to stay away from Good Feet will be heard.

β€œLet me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”
― Emerson


"Everyone is entitled to my opinion."

- L. Naumann

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