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Facebook Rant

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Posted 28 May 2017 - 11:48 AM

Facebook has become a staple on most of our lives. In fact I might say that Facebook has killed off The Rant Page. However I still want to keep the rant Page going and at some point I will be doing a whole new re-launch of the site, but that is not what this rant is about. This is a rant about how people, people we know, people we have met or just people we went to high school with and have not seen in 30 or more years. I am going to speak personally about two specific people yet I will not do my normal ‘call them out by name’ rather speak about them in general terms because I am sure we all have these friends in one form or another in our friends list. If you would like to rant about your friends I will ask that since they are not public figures to keep some semblance of anonymity, after all if they are on your friends list you do not want to go throw them under a bus or anything.


My one friend is a guy I met only once and talked with a few times on the phone. He is a smart guy and was rather shy when I met him, however that has changed. That in of itself is not a problem, I know I like to dominate a conversation and now I can’t get a word in edgewise but it is one topic that he hammers over and over on Facebook that gets to me. Like I said he is smart, I am talking PhD smart and as such he knows there is no God, creator or any other sort of deity. That is the problem, see I am not PhD smart and believe in a God, the one God, and my faith is very important to me. So having to wake up in the morning and see a number of belittling posts about how stupid people are that believe in any religion and how the scientific method is the only thing that matters to him is a bit annoying.


I once made the mistake of replying to one of his posts when he asked why we do not see faith healers in hospitals if God is so all powerful and people of faith can facilitate that power. (Paraphrased) He deleted his post along with my reply and logged off Facebook for a while because he thought my post was picking on him. My reply was to inform him that there are indeed faith healers in hospitals that do a lot of good work and that people of faith have in fact facilitated that power. There are doctors that will tell you that there is no scientific answer as to why a person is now cancer free or suddenly healed from a sever condition. But those few and far between examples aside, Chaplin’s do a lot of good work, comforting not only the sick but also the family and friends of the sick as well. Depending on the hospital, Chaplin’s also help with the paperwork for Hospice as well as ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders and other things to help the terminal patient, if that is not healing I do not know what is. I have seen nurses who have taken time out of their busy and chaotic day to pray with one of their patients, that is faith, that is healing.


One does not need faith to respect that others, others who may or may not be PhD smart and believe in God or religion as an extension of themselves. I do not belittle atheists for their lack of faith. I will say that atheism is a religion in of itself, and I find it funny that those who rail against religion cannot draw the comparison that atheism is just as much of a religion as Catholicism. I respect my friend even though I do not agree with him or his stance on religion, I do not measure my friends on their beliefs, but I do respect them.

A Facebook friend I have I went to school with, I have not seen him since high school over 30 years ago. In school he was a good friend, we hung out at each other’s houses and even formed a bit of a Gang called Mega Six denoting the six of us who went to summer school together one year.  However I had to unfollow him, I did not unfriend him but just unfollow him so his posts would not show up on my ‘wall’ every day. His are political in nature. He has a right to post them, even earning the right by serving in our armed forces. Those who know me know that I am slightly right of right wing-nut, he is overboard progressive liberal. To him the Great Obama could carry Jesus while walking on water while I think Obama could be an anchor for an aircraft carrier. Needless to say we do not see eye to eye on politics. It gets annoying when all a person posts is nothing but political, not just political but insanely political and if you have the audacity to correct and show proof where his post is wrong you are instantly labeled a conservative Nazi and ignored while everyone else just collectively nods their empty heads in agreement.


It would not be so bad if he posted negative things about things that actually mattered, I have no problem calling out a politician when he does something stupid and causes harm to the American way of life or our national security (You know like the whole eight years of Obama) but to call out some republican or another for backing something the NRA or other group said is just going too far. To scold a republican for backing the second amendment is akin to scolding a democrat for backing equal rights. Neither is any reason to bitch. It would also not be so bad if he just posted one thing every day that disagreed with him, but I guess there is nothing more pressing than to post political discontent ten or twelve times a day. I really like the guy and did not want to unfriend him just because we do not see eye to eye, I respect his opinion too much to do that. But I did unfollow him which was a much better option in my case.


I know this sounds like my delicate sensitivities are being hurt, and quite honest they might be. When you hear or read the same garbage, or what I believe to be garbage day in and day out it gets a bit annoying. When you (and when I say you I mean me) post on Facebook keep in mind that not all of your friends think like you, if they did it would be a good bet they would not be your friends. I have posted things on my Facebook that I know that some of my friends may have taken offence too but I would never knowingly insult them by posting something that they would disagree with and then rub their faces in it.

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”
― Emerson


"Everyone is entitled to my opinion."

- L. Naumann

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