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I'm done with the NFL

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Posted 25 September 2017 - 05:14 PM

Most people who know me can cite a few facts about me, one of them being that I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins. I became a fan of the Dolphins in 1972 having just moved to Florida and just old enough to understand what football was. My parents are football fans, and later so are/were my three younger brothers, each of us picking a different favorite team, with the exception of my mother and my brother Lance who both liked the Cowboys. The 72/73 Dolphins won the Superbowl and that sealed a lifelong love of the Dolphins for me, or so I thought.
My Facebook feed had both the NFL and my beloved Dolphins on it for many years, as of Sept 25th that is no longer the case. This year I have not watched one game of the NFL, My Christmas list has no Dolphin gear on it, I do not look for the scores of any games nor do I care about the NFL in the least. The NFL may be forever dead to me. I say ‘may be’ because I believe that everyone and everything has a right to redeem themselves, I do not believe in my heart of hearts that the NFL will, but I will always give them the chance to do so.
Yes, this is about the players taking a knee during our National Anthem, see I love my country, our veterans, our first responders and the people of the USA much more than I do the NFL and even my beloved Dolphins. I fully support the rights of individuals and groups to protest any injustice, real or imagined, in any manner they see fit. No you did not read that wrong, any injustice, any manner and they have my full support. I have said this before a long time ago on The Rant Page, when I said “I would stand up next to a member of the Ku Klux Klan and defend their right to be a racist piece of garbage, even if it meant my life.”
Most people somehow miss something in what I said though, so I am going to explain it. See I did not, repeat, DID NOT, say I supported the individual, group or racist piece of garbage. What I said was that I support the RIGHTS of the aforementioned. That is the elephant in the room that nobody speaks of. Nothing I have said is hypocritical, I am true to myself and have not created any double standard. I can defend your right to do something and I can despise what you do at the same time.
Since I can do both defend and despise you at the same time I can also show my displeasure in any manner I see fit. I can cut off my nose to spite my face, I can hurt others by my action or inaction. My brother Lance said something in a post that shows this concept really well. “I will no longer join others at a favorite sports bar, so they will be losing out on my money. I wont be doing fantasy football, going to games or donating to NFL based charities.” (Lance Nauman) I can add a few more things to this list, like the fact that TV stations who paid millions to broadcast the games will have fewer viewers so advertisers will spend less to advertise during the games. With the NFL rating dropping to unheard of lows, how long will it be before networks will demand a renegotiation of their deals?
If you are a died in the wool NFL fan I support you and your right, just because I am done with the NFL does not mean you need to be done with them as well. However, I will no longer discuss plays, scores, events that surround the NFL with you, I have no interest. I will just tell or remind you that I have no interest in the NFL and be on my way.

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“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”
― Emerson


"Everyone is entitled to my opinion."

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