The Rant Page Rules and Tips
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Here are some rules and guidelines to follow while on The Rant Page, new rules will be posted as additions to this thread.
  • Respect your fellow Ranters.

    Just because you opinion may differ with another member's, that does not mean their point is not valid. Find a common ground and work from there. Most times you will find that you do not differ as much as you thought.

  • Do NOT resort to name calling.

    Just because someone's point of view differs from yours, that does not make them an "idiot", a "retard" or any other derogatory name. Additionally, resorting to name calling shows that you are unwilling to have your ideas challenged or that you are not solid enough in your beliefs.

  • No pornography or disturbing images.

    This is not 4Chan or Liveleak. Do not post any pornographic or disturbing media on this site unless it has to do with the discussion at hand.

  • No Foul Language.

    Show better taste and higher intelligence by leaving gutter talk in the gutter. While it is true these foul words are just words we just prefer not to see or hear them.

  • No harassment.

    Harassment of members of The Rant Page will not be tolerated by anyone at any time. If you do not like what a member posts then ignore them, do not even comment to them at all, if enough people think as you then they will leave of their own accord.

  • No trolling.

    Trolling is posting inflammatory threads or responses to intentionally disrupt the forums or upset the member(s). Trolling will not be tolerated.

Guides for good posts on The Rant Page
I ran the Rant Page for 10 years prior to this outing, I have found out what works and what does not work, so here are a few helpful tips on how to rant, post or discuss topics.
  • Never agree to disagree.

    While this might be your only common ground it is also a thread killer. If everyone agreed to disagree nothing would ever get done. Argue your point, cite examples and allow your ‘opponent’ to do the same. Respect the difference of opinion but do your best to try to win them over.

  • Reach for the brass ring

    In Sports brass is third place, 2nd runner up. If you go for the gold you often find yourself loosing, get what you can when debating, accept concessions from the Ranter you are debating, get enough and you win them to your side, go for the kill and you find you are the one eliminated.

  • Show respect

    Nobody wants to debate a person who shows no respect. The Rant Page is about polite banter not fistfights. Also showing polite respect throws everyone off their game.

  • Own it.

    If you say it, own it, do not try to push your idea off on someone else. Be proud of what it is you said even if it is not popular. I do not take back anything I ever say, I will admit to being wrong but I still own what it is I said.

  • Do NOT link post.

    Posting a link to a news story is not citing your work when you do not say anything about it. Sorry but posting such things is a good way to find yourself on the outside looking in. If a story triggers an emotion in you write about it, what do you feel, think or react to it. PLEASE do not post to a story and ask “What do you all think?” I will simply delete such posts.

  • Do NOT post something as "fact" unless you can back it up

    If you post something contradicting what another member has posted and state it is "fact", you must back it up with citations. Just stating something it a "fact" doesn't make it so.


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